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A Bit of Creativity (2)

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“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” – K. Vonnegut

Recently, in light of having a great deal of time on my hands this summer, I have sought out some new activities. I love old cameras, and so I dug out my dad’s old Canon A-1 camera and started up some photography. I must admit, I’m really not good. However, I love to take pictures, experiment with different levels of light, angles, and lenses, and capture loved ones. I’m working on the last part – since I’m down here in Florida, and I’m new to the area, I have very few friendly faces around to photograph. The ones I do have around really clam up in front of the camera (ahem, William) but I try to paparazzi the crap out of them regardless.

I wanted to share a few shots, and hopefully will have more to share in the future. Photography is an area of art I would like to explore which I have yet to embark upon. Since music, writing and sketching always came easily to me, those were the forms of art I gravitated towards. I would like to continue to expand my interests and face something I fear to be a “failure” or “newbie” at, so here goes nothing.

Chairs at the beach

Fountain in our courtyard

Will being a good sport

A few wine bottles

An angle of some indoor decor

Palms in our courtyard

Author: Emily

Emily is a 24 year old graduate of Purdue University, just starting out "adulthood" in Savannah, GA with her husband, 3 year old lab, Juno, and lovebird, Harry. Strong believer in the power of positivity, animal lover, complete yoga nut, and a supporter of natural approaches to healing the mind and body, I write about life. The happys, the sads, and the honest truth about how I react to both of them.

One thought on “A Bit of Creativity (2)

  1. Pretty photos!

    I also like taking photos, but I’m not hardcore or anything either… I wish I had a good camera…

    I like the one with the two chairs on the beach… how I long for Summer and beach times :)


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