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A Bit of Creativity (2)

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“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” – K. Vonnegut

Recently, in light of having a great deal of time on my hands this summer, I have sought out some new activities. I love old cameras, and so I dug out my dad’s old Canon A-1 camera and started up some photography. I must admit, I’m really not good. However, I love to take pictures, experiment with different levels of light, angles, and lenses, and capture loved ones. I’m working on the last part – since I’m down here in Florida, and I’m new to the area, I have very few friendly faces around to photograph. The ones I do have around really clam up in front of the camera (ahem, William) but I try to paparazzi the crap out of them regardless.

I wanted to share a few shots, and hopefully will have more to share in the future. Photography is an area of art I would like to explore which I have yet to embark upon. Since music, writing and sketching always came easily to me, those were the forms of art I gravitated towards. I would like to continue to expand my interests and face something I fear to be a “failure” or “newbie” at, so here goes nothing.

Chairs at the beach

Fountain in our courtyard

Will being a good sport

A few wine bottles

An angle of some indoor decor

Palms in our courtyard

Author: Emily

Emily is a 28 year old resident of the Savannah, GA area living on a mini farm with her husband, two horses and a menagerie of house pets. A self diagnosed horse addict, and a would-be animal hoarder if her husband wasn't there to intervene, she spends her days "toiling away" in the barn and running her hobby sign painting business, Burlap Bohemian.

One thought on “A Bit of Creativity (2)

  1. Pretty photos!

    I also like taking photos, but I’m not hardcore or anything either… I wish I had a good camera…

    I like the one with the two chairs on the beach… how I long for Summer and beach times🙂


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