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Nothing is Going to be Sent My Way that I Cannot Handle


I haven’t had time to write in awhile, and I also haven’t focused on an affirmation in awhile. So I’ll kill two birds with one stone with this post🙂. This is an affirmation that is derived from a common saying with more of a Christian undertone, the source of which I’m not sure of, but it is one I love and would like to consider in the next few weeks.

Ever since school began, I have felt very unsettled. Most of this is most likely due to the fact I am doing nothing but working and going to school and making very little time for the things which keep me unstressed: blogging, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and therapy. The last two of this list are things I don’t have access to really while I’m at school, although I could be doing more to help this by drinking herbal tea and meditating and making time to relax… all things I’ve been struggling with.

The deal is, I’m having a hard time leaving work at work and school at school. It must be genetic, because my dad is the same way. This is incredibly silly, because my job is nothing to contemplate outside of work. I’m a Barista. I make coffee and sandwiches. But for some reason, I think about work after it happens. I’m constantly evaluating what I did well and what I could work on… let’s reiterate. I make COFFEE and SANDWICHES for people. I am seriously evaluating what I did? But it’s true… sometimes I even dream about work.

Same with school. On this front, I think my problem is that I can never complete my to-do list like I could when I was taking a semester off. There is never a moment when I know there is nothing I have left to work on… there will always be something I could do. When I finish a paper, there’s another paper to write. When I finish a reading, there’s another reading. Or I could type up my notes. Or I could get ahead on my exam next week by starting to review my notes. Or I could brainstorm for my PR campaign or my energy project. It’s never ending, and it’s starting to stir up my anxiety once again.

What would I rather be doing than stressing myself out about the fact I need to do so much in one day? I would rather be reading a book, watching a movie, going for a run, catching a yoga class, seeing my friends, or meditating. So, this is my goal for the next month: every time I start thinking about school or work and stressing myself out over things I am needlessly stressing out about, I am going to make a list of what I need to do that day for the next day, I am going to get those things done and those things only, and then I am going to stop working and do something I enjoy for the rest of the day.

And throughout it all, I am going to remind myself that I am stressing myself out over nothing – my plate isn’t too full, my eyes are just bigger than my stomach. I’m creating stressors and to-dos when they aren’t there. The reality of the matter is, the universe is not going to send my way more than I can handle, and I can take on my tasks at hand without being stressed about it.

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Author: Emily

Emily is a 28 year old resident of the Savannah, GA area living on a mini farm with her husband, two horses and a menagerie of house pets. A self diagnosed horse addict, and a would-be animal hoarder if her husband wasn't there to intervene, she spends her days "toiling away" in the barn and running her hobby sign painting business, Burlap Bohemian.

2 thoughts on “Nothing is Going to be Sent My Way that I Cannot Handle

  1. Hey :)…

    I really like this affirmation. It’s so funny, cos I just blogged today about how I’m getting into the whole affirmation vibe – I think it really works.

    I’m glad that you’re blogging again. How’s the yoga going? Hope you feel better and less stressed… Xxx

    • Hey you!

      I love affirmations🙂 I really think it works too. It helps me think positively and welcome good things into my life.

      I have felt a little better this week. Yoga is going good, not getting to practice as much as I want, but hopefully I will be able to make more time for it soon.

      Hope all is well for you too!

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